LASIK Eye Surgery in Las Vegas

View 3D VideoMillions of people depend on glasses or contact lenses for correction of near and farsightedness. Corrective lenses can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and inconvenient, even limiting your ability to participate in certain activities. The constant care and maintenance can be a nuisance, and can become expensive over time.

LASIK eye surgery provides Las Vegas residents with an alternative to glasses or contacts, and may even be able to correct your vision more effectively than lenses. At Westfield Eye Center, our board-certified ophthalmologists have extensive training and experience performing LASIK and other refractive procedures.

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Las Vegas LASIK Surgery

LASIK, or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, is the latest, most sophisticated type of refractive surgery, and it has become the refractive procedure of choice for several reasons. It offers very high levels of accuracy, a quicker, more comfortable recovery, and an ability to correct a broader range of vision problems. The procedure utilizes a cold laser to re-shape the cornea, thereby eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses for those who have undergone LASIK.

The Procedure

Before the procedure begins, the eye is numbed with anesthesia, and stabilized to prevent blinking. An ultra-thin layer of the surface cornea is gently folded back, forming a flap and exposing the underlying cornea. The patient looks directly at a target light while the computer-controlled laser sculpts microscopic layers of the cornea. This is usually accomplished in less than a minute. The self-sealing flap is then carefully folded back into place, restoring the surface of the newly-reshaped cornea. The cornea is now able to precisely focus light without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

Recovery and Results

LASIK is an extremely quick procedure, and both eyes can be treated on the same day. Our patients who undergo LASIK in Las Vegas report a dramatic improvement in vision immediately following surgery. You will be advised to rest for a few hours, and may be given a sleep aid. Some patients report a scratchy feeling in their eyes for the first few hours after surgery, but it is important not to rub the eyes. You should be able to resume normal activities, including driving, the following day, without glasses or contact lenses. You will be advised to avoid watersports and any rubbing of the eyes for approximately one month. Although your vision will be very good after LASIK, you may experience slight fluctuations in your vision over the first 4 to 6 weeks following surgery.

At our practice in Las Vegas, LASIK has a very high rate of success among our patients. Laser eye surgery, however, is not an option for everyone. For those who are not good candidates for traditional LASIK, we also offer customized Las Vegas LASIK using Wavefront, which tailors the procedure to a patient's unique eye issues. Only an experienced ophthalmologist can determine if you are a good candidate for the LASIK procedure. One of our specialists can assess your particular vision correction needs, and help determine if this is the appropriate treatment for your condition.

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