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The Westfield Eye Center is more than just a medical office. Our doctors and staff form a team that is strongly aware of its ties to the local and worldwide communities we serve. This community page is about the various activities we participate in as a practice.

If you have a suggestion for an event in your community that we can participate in, please contact us online.

Community Events

The Westfield Eye Center was honored to host this year's Boule Eyeglass event. On one day each year, Delta Theta Boule, the local chapter of Sigma Pi Phi fraternity, provides free eye examinations and free eyeglasses to students aged 5 to 18 who have no insurance. This year Dr. Westfield, a longstanding member of the organization, and his fraternity brothers examined, prescribed, fit and gave glasses to 88 children. Most children were referred to the program by a school nurse and, as always, registering for the event was as easy as placing a phone call to secure a spot on the day's schedule.

Dr. Dexter Morris coordinated the event this year and he, along with participating doctors and Boule brothers Dr. Tyree Carr, Dr. Robert Taylor, Dr. George Leaks and Dr. Kenneth Westfield provided their expertise and the free eyeglasses. Westfield Eye Center technicians, as well as technicians from other Las Vegas and Pahrump practices, were on hand to help with the refractive exams while the Westfield Eye Center front office staff assured a smooth flow of patients.

At the end of the day, 88 students had new glasses and a better chance of fulfilling their academic potential while the Boule brothers and other volunteers had the satisfaction of knowing they had made a real and lasting contribution to the lives of those 88 young people.

At the Westfield Eye Center, we believe strongly in education and feel the word "philanthropy" should be a part of everyone's vocabulary.

Images from our Boule Eyeglass Event

At our Boule Eyeglass EventAt our Boule Eyeglass EventAt our Boule Eyeglass Event

At our Boule Eyeglass EventAt our Boule Eyeglass EventAt our Boule Eyeglass Event

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