Eyelid Surgery in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas climate can be unkind to the delicate skin of the eye area. Dry air, hot winds, and bright sun can all lead to wrinkling and premature aging around the eyes. One of the problems associated with this is excess skin which droops over the eyelids, creating a "hooded" effect. Often, this gives a person a tired or stern expression, which may affect interactions with others. This problem also can have more than just a cosmetic effect - for some men and women, it can impair vision.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, at the Westfield Eye Center is an effective treatment for the reduction of excess eyelid skin and fat of both the upper and the lower lids. At Westfield Eye Center, our oculoplastic surgeons use advanced surgical techniques to eliminate drooping or puffiness in the upper or lower eyelids, which will result in a refreshed appearance, and a more "opened up" eye area.

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Las Vegas Blepharoplasty Techniques

Unfortunately, the eye area is one of the first to show signs of aging, and living in the desert exposes us to more damaging environmental factors. Sagging upper eyelids and puffy, wrinkled skin beneath the eyes can make you look older than you feel on the inside, and can actually impair your vision. For these reasons and more, eyelid surgery in Las Vegas has become a very popular procedure. Generally, the surgery is performed using the following techniques:

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty of the upper lids is performed to remove the excess skin, and in some cases fat bulges, which cause droopy or hooded eyelids. An incision is made along the natural crease in the eyelid, and extends just beyond the outer corner of the eye into the existing creases. Because the incision follows the natural fold of the eyelid, scarring is usually minimal and practically undetectable. Through this incision, a band of excess skin is removed, and fatty tissue is either removed or repositioned to allow for a more "opened up" appearance of the eye area.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

If your concern is puffiness or fat deposits in the lower eye area, then lower eyelid surgery can be performed through an incision inside the lower eyelid. This scar-less technique can remove or reposition fat, but cannot accomplish the removal of excess or wrinkled skin.

For the correction of these conditions, an incision is made just under the lower lash line. This incision allows for the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, and in some cases, the repositioning of fat to create a more youthful contour. Adjustments may be made to correct muscle laxity as well. The very fine incision will gradually fade over time, eventually becoming almost invisible.

Moving Forward

The eyes and the entire eye area are a critical part of our expression and our interactions with others. If you are unhappy with drooping, puffy or wrinkled eyes, eyelid surgery may be an option for you. At Westfield Eye Center, we provide advanced treatment for all of your eye care needs, from vision correction to oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

If you would like to find out more about blepharoplasty at the Westfield Eye Center, click here to request a consultation online. You may also call our office at 702-362-EYES (3937) to schedule an appointment.

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