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Las Vegas Laser Eye Surgery Patients Choosing Higher-Accuracy LASIK Procedure

Advances in LASIK eye surgery in Las Vegas offer increased accuracy for patients with complex eye problems that prevented them from receiving laser surgery before. LASIK specialists at Westfield Eye Center explain the advantages of the "new" LASIK.

Las Vegas, Nevada (April 2009) - Advanced laser eye surgery technologies are expanding the options for women and men in Las Vegas to correct their vision with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy. Dr. Kenneth Westfield and Dr. Edward Yee of Westfield Eye Center explain that this new approach to Las Vegas laser eye surgery utilizes a complex system of advanced technologies to offer greater accuracy and results that are more customized to patients' needs.

"LASIK eye surgery is popular to correct lens irregularities that distort vision because it is fast, virtually painless, and has quick recovery times," explains Dr. Westfield. "However, until recently many people with vision impairment were not able to benefit from the basic LASIK procedure, simply because it could not accurately correct more complex irregularities in the lens."

Westfield Eye Center's ophthalmologists perform numerous traditional LASIK eye surgery procedures in Las Vegas each year. Until recently, the laser could not be regulated precisely enough to address less common, more complex irregularities of the lens surface. A newly developed technology called Wavefront has solved this problem by integrating complex computer technology with a sophisticated system that analyzes the lens surface and creates a three-dimensional "map" that the surgeon can then use to direct the LASIK system.

"Vision correction requires a high level of precision in the first place, but advanced problems call for an especially delicate approach," explains Dr. Yee. "While this technology cannot correct every eye problem, it opens up the LASIK option for many patients who until now were not good candidates for the procedure, simply because the technology was not available to adapt the procedure process in the ways that would offer our patients high-quality results."

For many of Westfield Eye Center's patients, Wavefront LASIK eye surgery in Las Vegas offers 20-20 vision or better, depending on factors like the extent and complexity of the lens deformities, as well as the patient's healing patterns and overall health. Although the procedure can correct both eyes in under an hour, Dr. Westfield and Dr. Yee note that most patients require about a month before the lens tissues have healed completely, and until then some irregularities in vision are normal.

"For many of our patients, laser eye surgery represents a chance to change their lives because it allows them the freedom to enjoy natural, clear vision without the hassle of glasses and contacts," comments Dr. Westfield. "The Wavefront technology allows us to design each procedure according to the needs of the patient in question, and I think for many women and men, that is very important."

Find out for yourself how you can achieve better vision and a new perspective through customized LASIK in Las Vegas. Request a consultation online or set up an eye exam with one of our laser eye surgery specialists when you call 702-362-3937.

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