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Practice Offers New Eye Care Options for the New Year

Westfield Eye Center offers an expanded menu of cosmetic options, multifocal lens technology, and cataract surgery in Las Vegas aimed at helping its patients look and feel younger.

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 2011) – Westfield Eye Center, a provider of BOTOX® in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers complete eye care that includes both medical and cosmetic treatments, such as LASIK, JUVÉDERM®, and multifocal lenses. The extended list of options has given Westfield Eye Center the reputation as Nevada's leading eye institute.

"Our goal for 2011 is to continue to provide people with a comprehensive selection of procedures for the eyes," says Kenneth C. Westfield, M.D. "This means continually revising our menu options to reflect the most up-to-date treatments for total ophthalmological care."

Although the Westfield Eye Center is most notably recognized for their vision correction services such as cataract surgery in Las Vegas, the practice is quickly becoming well-known for their positive results with facial aesthetic procedures such as BOTOX. According to Dr. Edward Yee, many people who initially visit the practice for a vision correction procedure often come back to receive a rejuvenation treatment such as eyelid surgery.

"We have many repeat patients," Dr. Yee says. "People are happy with their results and are interested in other ways to improve not just the function of their eyes, but also their appearance."

The staff of 9 highly trained eye doctors and surgeons performs some of the most innovative procedures for eye correction available. One treatment called "multifocal lens implantation" allows the doctor to surgically implant corrective lenses in place of the eye's natural lens. After the procedure, in most cases, the individual no longer requires glasses or contacts. The current multifocal lenses can correct vision at different ranges, and Westfield Eye Center offers all 3 of these new options.

"In the past, only one lens power was available. As a result, many people still needed glasses or contacts after their treatment," Dr. Westfield says. "Today, with the premium varieties of multifocal lenses that we offer, it is much less likely that a patient experiences problems with near or far-sightedness post-surgery."

Prisms optical, located adjacent to Westfield Eye Center, also carries a variety of designer frames, lenses, sunglasses, and accessories. They specialize in anti-reflective glasses for post-cataract surgery patients and offer some of the most advanced lenses on the market, including Zeiss, HOYA, and Transitions®. The stylish selection of frames and highly specialized lens materials are just one more example of Westfield Eye Center's dedication to comprehensive eye care.

"We believe that the eyes are a person's most important feature," Dr. Westfield says. "So whether patients want to improve their eye health or revamp their appearance, our goal is to have a solution that meets their needs."

Westfield Eye Center offers a complete selection of medical and cosmetic services in eye care. Request a consultation or call the office at 702-362-EYES (3937) to schedule an appointment.

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