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Eye Institute in Las Vegas Adds JUVÉDERM®

Already offering eyelid surgery and BOTOX®, doctors at the Las Vegas locations of Westfield Eye Center perform a number of cosmetic treatments in addition to refractive procedures such as LASIK, as well as medical and surgical services for the eye.

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 2010) – Westfield Eye Center, a Las Vegas LASIK and eye specialty center, is now adding new services to their menu, which already includes cosmetic procedures (such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and eyelid surgery), as well as refractive surgical procedures (such as LASIK). They have added JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, an innovative and non-surgical treatment that allows patients to achieve natural-looking facial rejuvenation with little to no downtime.

"I am excited to add JUVÉDERM to our menu of cosmetic services at Westfield Eye Center," says Kenneth C. Westfield, M.D. "To add this facial rejuvenation procedure to our practice enhances what sets us apart – that we provide comprehensive eye care, addressing both vision correction and cosmetic concerns. Although we have an excellent reputation for performing laser eye surgery in Las Vegas, more people are recognizing that we can also help them accomplish their aesthetic goals with other treatments and services."

Westfield Eye Center has been offering cosmetic eyelid surgery and BOTOX Cosmetic in Las Vegas for some time now, providing existing vision correction patients and those new to their practice with cosmetic enhancement. However, JUVÉDERM Injectable Gel provides an even greater range in options.

"JUVÉDERM is an injectable gel that provides natural-looking facial rejuvenation by essentially 'filling in' wrinkles," explains a doctor of Westfield Eye Center. "Treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes, and many patients come to my office at lunchtime and need to get back to work or get on with their day – most of the time, that can be accomplished. The procedure can also be combined with BOTOX to obtain more comprehensive skin rejuvenation."

"It's with procedures like this that we've established our practice as offering services for our busy, on-the-go patients for both vision correction and cosmetic enhancement treatments," the doctor explains. "Our patients know they can trust us to improve how they see, so they're thrilled to discover that we can also help them improve how they look."

"The newest addition to our menu of services is innovative, non surgical, and minimally invasive," says Dr. Westfield. "Our on-the-go patients can come to the office, receive their treatments and be on their way. There's a lot of excitement around the idea that patients are now able to receive facial aesthetic procedures and eye care from a group of highly qualified and trained physicians and surgeons."

If you would like to learn more about the doctors and staff at Westfield Eye Center, click here to request a consultation with a qualified ophthalmologist in Las Vegas. Or, you may call our office at 702-362-EYES (3937) to schedule an appointment.

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